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Archive for March, 2008

Shoemoney Reveals How To Make $1,000
In An Hour

I am so inspired by this video from Shoemoney... this is link bait at it's best. By the way, his site is incredible if you're interested in making money ...
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What Will Google Do For April Fools This Year?

I am totally into pranks. We have done things around our office like turning all of someone's office furniture on it's side and covering the entire floor, walls, ceiling ...
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It’s Lights Out For Google…

I was just a bit confused today when I popped Google up for the first time. See, I have slightly bad luck with computer viruses (they love me) so ...
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We’re Hiring Internet Marketing Guru’s!

Well, our company is growing. Our client base is getting larger and larger and we need to add some team members to our staff, so do me a favor ...
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The Power Of Viral Marketing

It's amazing what viral marketing can do. Think about the dinner table conversations that went on this night. No Pants 2k8.
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Logo A Go-Go

I'm a big fan of just browsing sites and examining their logos. I guess it's a bit geeky but I think it's a pretty normal thing to do if you're ...
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Sales Team + Marketing Team + Tech Team = Real SEM

Sales departments wish that marketing would stop thinking they are the rulers of the earth, marketing departments wish sales departments would take their cocky arrogant attitudes to another planet for... ...
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Design & Internet Marketing Harmony

The general consensus is that "web designers can make a site, but they can't make it look good. Graphic designers can make it look good, but can't make it work." I ...
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How To Piss People Off With An SEO Experiment And Even Get Hacked!

Sometimes you go about things in the wrong way. I may have done just that when I decided to do the first (of many to come) SEO experiment on ...
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Success is Possible Online For Small Businesses

I was very impressed this morning while reading an article by Matt McGee about a company called Pink Cake Box, who sells specialty cakes located in New Jersey. The internet marketing ...
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