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Archive for December, 2008

Earthquake In Lancaster, PA?

Wierd.  Weird. (Thanks to the coward in Philly who posted the comment but wouldn't say who they were)  :) I'm sitting here doing some work and just felt the house shaking. ...
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Happy Holidays from ProspectMX

This post contains a video. To view it you will need Adobe Flash player installed.
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Why You Woke Up With Less Tweeps This AM

Twitter made a change yesterday that removed deleted and suspended accounts from your list of followers. Twitter Status had the real scoop. And don't worry, it wasn't just you who lost ...
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The ProspectMX Christmas Wish

'Tis the season to grant wishes, and the team at ProspectMX has the spirit in 2008. In order to do something special for those that spend all year working for the ...
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View Geo Targeted PPC Ads Running In Areas Outside of Your Location

If you have ever wanted to see what kind of competition your geo-targeted adwords campaigns have in certain market, the Google Ad Targeting Preview Tool is what you need. I have ...
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You Do Not Have To Get It…

You simply just have to accept it!! Getting it is what we do! Internet marketing is an absolutely essential piece of your overall marketing plan, regardless of your business model. It ...
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How Contests Can Benefit Link Building

Thousands of web sites give away free products and extend special online trial offers as a way to build buzz and drive traffic to their website. Running a link building contest ...
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Twitter Rockstar Revisited

It's been a while since my last post and I've started gathering a ton of information about Twitter. Call this a case study if you will. I love trying to figure ...
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