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How To Find Keyword Conversion Percentage By Landing Page Using Google Analytics

October 20th, 2009 by Jonathan Bentz | Posted in Google, Video Tutorials, Education, Solutions

At ProspectMX, we are proud to say that we aren't just another internet marketing company that can rank websites with no regard for business goals. While sending an increased amount of traffic to a client website is a goal in nearly every campaign we launch, that increase in traffic is worthless if it doesn't lead to more conversions on a site. One of our clients recently came to us with a great question after noticing that a keyword was converting on ...
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The First Cool LOOKING Search Engine

September 11th, 2008 by Dave Conklin | Posted in Search Engines, Video Tutorials

OK... so I was watching some videos at Shoemoney's blog and he was talking to this girl at a convention who worked for So, reluctantly, I checked it out. OK... wish I wouldn't have because of the accuracy... but it's just SOOO COOOL. I'm tired as I write this... it's 1:41AM... So sorry for the misspellings... and the lack of excitement in the video... it's worth checking out though.
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