The Essential SEO Link Building Reference Guide

As a top internet marketing service provider, we offer consulting services at our workshops for link building. One of our best tools for teaching include a link building chart.

We wanted to do our part and offer a little something for internet marketers out there. So, please check out the Professional SEO Link Building Services and Strategies Chart! Whew! That’s a mouthful.

This chart will be updated as things change in the world of link building. Things change so frequently that it probably needs updated already.

If you find this PDF useful, please send a link on over to us! Thanks!

Download the diagram here or click on the image below.

seo link building chart

The link building strategy diagram breaks down link building into 5 main categories:

  • Link Bait
  • Social Communities
  • Paid/Traded Links
  • Cherry Picking Links
  • Content Submissions

Each category is then broken down further.

Feel free to download the chart in PDF format and print it wherever you like. Or, you can order a printed poster version from us for $30 payable via credit card or PayPal. Contact us via the form on the right if you want one mailed to you.

Praise for the ProspectMX SEO Link Building Chart

“A great way to visually display the many elements and opportunities that comprise link building for better search engine rankings.” - Todd Malicoat, Stuntdubl

“The Link Building 101 Chart drafted by the team over at ProspectMX clearly and definitively lays out the major steps companies must take to ensure an effective link building strategy.” - Matt McGowan, VP/Publisher, Search Engine Watch &

“Link building is a critical part of online marketing, and ProspectMX has compiled a useful one-page guide that covers all the basics. A great tool for beginners as well as those of us who’ve been doing this a long time.” - Stone Reuning, president of SEO Advantage, a Florida-based search engine optimization company

“The SEO link building chart is printed up in poster size right next to our link building team here at the Branded3 office, it’s a great resource and very useful for training our link ninjas.” - Patrick Altoft, director of search, SEO Leeds

“The link building 101 chart from the ProspectMX team is pure genius. Not only does it help a client understand and visualize the science behind link building for SEO, it also acts as a guide for the strategies we employ as a team for our own accounts.” - Randy Smith, owner of Synchronicity Designs, a Charlotte web design company