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ProspectMX is located at the heart of the beautiful Lancaster City, Pennsylvania. Situated downtown, our office is within walking distance of all of the great things that Lancaster has to offer. We find ourselves only a block away from the famous Lancaster Central Market, Carmen and David’s Creamery, and the Prince St. Cafe, and a few steps away from The Fulton Theatre and Millersville University Arts - The Ware Center.

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Lancaster City, Pennsylvania is an artistic, exciting, and historic place. ProspectMX’s building is a historical landmark that has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. In 2014, ProspectMX relocated to the Jacob L. Frey Tobacco Warehouse, built in 1870, and can now call this historical landmark home. After careful and tasteful remodeling, we’re happy to call this beautiful office our second home.


The city is centered within Lancaster County, and is seven square miles. The streets are packed with art galleries, museums, restaurants, boutiques and shops, and theaters. Charming and electric, Lancaster City has grown to become a hub of cultural and artistic happenings. From inside of the city you’re only a stones throw away from the vast and bountiful farms and that Lancaster County are famous for. Lancaster City gives the perfect blend of country and city life.

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