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Archive for February, 2008

Turning off CAPS LOCK When Using Synergy with PC and MAC

My computer setup at home includes my laptop on the left, MAC G5 in the middle and PC on the right. I use a completely killer application called Synergy ...
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Wrong Person….Right Number

So I was making a sales call the other day to an individual who filled out one of our online forms interested in some more information about ProspectMX.  I called ...
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Diary of Getting Ranked and Converting Leads

We launched this website last week officially. So as of right now, it has no Page Rank with Google, very few links and the domain name is rather new. ...
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Marketing Locally Online Works Great!

So many business people, whether owners, marketers, sales people or managers that I speak with are afraid to market online because they feel that they can’t target a local audience. This ...
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Creative Internet Marketing Strategy

So, if you haven't heard... debatably the most important thing to do with your web presence is to get people to link to you! However, so many people are ...
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More Than A Website

Most people I talk to are triggered to Internet Marketing by one simple conclusion "Nobody Can Find Me". Without internet marketing your website is a brochure sitting in the storage ...
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February Web Designer Comic

The other day I was surfing around and found this incredible site called I would give the person credit, but their site doesn't mention who it is. ...
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