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Archive for July, 2008

Google Page Rank (PR) Update Happening Before My Eyes

OK... I know... I know! Google PR doesn't mean anything anymore. Well, I don't really care. I still found it neat today when a page that ...
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Google’s Keyword Tool FINALLY Shows Actual Numbers!

"Ooh, look the bar is like ummmm, 75% green...that's good, right? That's like...a lot of searches, isn't it?" That was my usual thought when using the Google keyword tool. But no ...
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Top Affiliate Challenge Episode 5 Shut Down By Google!

OK... first off, I have to say this... GREAT JOB THOR! In a previous post, I explained my frustration with where Top Affiliate Challenge was headed. I hated ...
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Top Affiliate Challenge Missing The Mark

So, I have been excited for months for the internet reality/game show Top Affiliate Challenge to come online. I love affiliate marketing and am learning all the time new ...
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