As an avid reader, I have noticed that many who do not share my passion for books tend to demean them. As part of a One Hour Blogging Challenge, I decided to address and dispell the most common misconceptions about books.

10 Common Misconceptions About Books: A One-Hour Blog Post

Posted July 28, 2015 by Rachel Delaney

As a book lover, it’s beyond frustrating when people tell me that they don’t like to read. It’s even worse when they dare to insult one or more of my favorite books or series. Anymore, it seems as though there ... Read More
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The Mission, Should You Choose To Accept: One Hour Blog Post

Posted June 29, 2015 by Rachel Delaney

Can You Write a Decent Blog in One Hour?Let’s Find Out…As marketers, we tell our clients that blogging not only helps them, but that it’s one of the keys to success. We give you tips, tricks, topics, and everything you ... Read More
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Creating a Voice for Client Blogs

Posted August 20, 2014 by Rachel Delaney

Creating a Blog VoiceIt’s hard enough to create a voice for yourself when you’re writing, but what’s even harder is creating and maintaining a voice for a client. When you write for yourself, you know your values, your role, your audience, what ... Read More

New Site Launch!

Posted July 29, 2014 by Rachel Delaney

Our New Internet Marketing Company Website DesignProspectMX is excited to announce that we have launched our new site! Our new website brings a fresh face to our trusted and successful company, and is the continuation to even more success for years to come. New Location, ... Read More
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5 Ways To Publish Fresh Content On A Website Without Using A Blog

Posted April 02, 2012 by Rachel Delaney

Editor's Note: Below is guest blog post contribution. ProspectMX isn't opposed to accepting guest blog posts, FYI. If you'd like to contribute to our blog, email [email protected] and one of our team members will get in touch with you to ... Read More
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11 Easy Blog Topic Ideas for 2012

Posted March 02, 2012 by Ashley Lichty

One of the biggest questions our customers ask about blogging is “What the heck do I blog about?”In fact, I'm pretty sure I've asked myself that a time or two when it was my turn to contribute content to the ... Read More
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SEO Love Letters

Posted December 03, 2009 by Dave Conklin

We are really thankful for all of the feedback that we have received through our blog comments in 2009. We would like to share some of those comments (we refer to them as love letters) with you.VIDEO LENGTH: 1 Minute ... Read More

Tynt May Get You Some Links. But It Probably Won’t.

Posted November 24, 2009 by Jonathan Bentz

I've been reading a lot of bloggers lately hyping up this new link building service called Tynt. According to a quick Google Blog Search, 1,083 mentions of Tynt have come up over the last 7 days. It is also getting ... Read More

Pulling Blogging Ideas Out Of Your…Hat

Posted September 30, 2009 by Ashley Lichty

As an internet marketing firm, it's easy to stress to clients the importance of a regularly updated blog. The tough part comes in taking your own advice. It's easy to get so wrapped up in client work that internal work ... Read More