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Once you get people to go on to your website you want to keep them there. So how do you get them hooked and reel them in? Take into consideration how potential customers find a website as well as how long they stay before deciding if this site is the one for them.

Internet Marketing Basics

What is the Goal of Your Website?

The goal of a website is to ultimately more potential customers from awareness of your company or product to actually buying your product or hiring you for the service you provide. In order to do this a site must be intriguing to a potential customer and make them want to stay on the page.

• Use a friendly and relevant design when creating a website.

• A site should educate the potential customer about the product and service they provide right on their homepage.

What Do People Look For In Your Website?

Once you get people to go on to your website you want to keep them there. To be honest no one probably reads your entire website. Instead they skim it over seeing if it has the information they want and then if they find it with ease they’ll stay and read more in depth. So how do you get them hooked and reel them in? Take into consideration how potential customers find a website as well as how long they stay before deciding if this site is the one for them. This is where analytics come in.

How Do I Capture Their Attention?

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure your website gives a good one. Page Design can make or break whether a viewer stays on your website or not. So it is important to have a well designed website that will get the viewers to stay and read. Your website represents your company determine a viewer’s decision to turn into a customer. Making sure your website is visually appealing and has quality content alongside of it is important. Picking the right fonts and colors seem like a minor detail but for the overall look of your website they are necessary. Although design is important, content is key. In this fast paced world people want to get the information they want as quickly as possible. Make sure that your content is as clear as possible with the key information being accessible. Nothing is a bigger eyesore to a website than a typo. A non-edited website makes your company look less credible and can lose the potential of future customers.

Search Engine Optimization

How People Find Your Website

With a simple search you can find the answer to where the best place to go to coffee is in town or fun things to do in your area. Search engines will give you hundreds of websites but everyone knows that users only look at the first page. So how do people find your website? And how do you rank higher in their search? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the secret behind this.

Say you’re a coffee shop. When your potential customer first searches “Coffee shops in the area” the search engine will work as a spider, crawling the internet for links that are most relevant to the search. For once you want a “spider” to find your website and hopefully boost you towards the top of their search.

The keywords that are in your links, titles, and meta descriptions are what the search engine looks for as well as relevant content that matches what the user is looking for.


Analytics Fundamentals


Being able to see the success of your website is key. This is where analytics come in. Analytics allow you to track how potential customers are responding to your website or not responding to your website. Analytics can track your audience’s engagement and conversion rates, this way adjustments can be made to your website so that it will be sure to get the response you’re looking for from potential customers.


Dominating Your Market

First Stage – Being Found

In order to get customers to the first stage of the funnel it is important that your website is found. This is where SEO comes in, helping your website to be put at the top of a search engine page when potential leads search for services related to your company. Ensure that you create an attractive website that will grab the interest of the potential customer and get them to read further. In this stage make sure that your website is targeting the RIGHT customer for your product or service. Consider demographics and how customers are finding you so that you aren’t just getting a lot of views but the rather views from people that are going to turn into clients.

Second Stage – Enticement

The second stage is to entice the viewers to want to invest in your product or service. By writing good content that captures their attention and makes them want to continue reading is key. Include information like how you’re going to solve the potential customers problem with your product or service or how having this product is going to improve their business. This information will increase desire and lead the potential customers to the next part of the marketing funnel.

Third Stage – Action

The third stage of the marketing funnel and most important is the action stage. This is when the potential lead turns into a customer. Of course the relationship doesn’t stop there. You want customers to turn into repeat customers as well as generate more customers for you through their testimonials and recommendations.

Although the ratio of converting site visitors into customers may be small, if thousands of people visit your site each day then you only need a small fraction of those people to become customers in order to have a successful marketing funnel.


What is the Goal of Your Website?

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How Do I Capture Their Attention?

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