New Site Launch!

Our New Internet Marketing Company Website Design

ProspectMX is excited to announce that we have launched our new site! 

Our new website brings a fresh face to our trusted and successful company, and is the continuation to even more success for years to come.


New Location, New Site, Same Trusted Name

In February 2014, we moved into our new offices right in the heart of Lancaster City. This move inspired a change; and that change came in the form of this updated and improved site.

The ProspectMX team has been working relentlessly on perfecting our new website, and making sure that it speaks true to who we are, and who we are going to be for our current and future clients as we continue to innovate and create opportunity for new and creative ideas.


What You’ll See

The old website had a wooden theme that reflected print marketing, and each page of the website had the wooden background. This new website changes on most pages to give our visitors a look inside the world (and new offices) of ProspectMX.

ProspectMX old site 

ProspectMX old site   ProspectMX old site   


Since it’s last full update in 2010, the ProspectMX website had some out-of-date content, and some information that has since changed over the years. It’s normal in the internet marketing industry for things to change often, and since its last update, our website needed new fresh, accurate, and compelling content that would explain our role as internet marketers.

The new website features some all new content that was updated and created by different members of our team. We each believed that our website needed to be an accurate picture of what ProspectMX offers it’s clients. Because each individual member of the team has a specific role and expertise, it took everyone’s part to create content and an inspirational design for our new site.


The New and Improved

The internet marketing industry has changed over the last few years, and we’re glad to say that we’ve changed too, and pushed forward. Our new user friendly, fun, and informative website is sure to show our upgraded ProspectMX features. We want to stay at the top of our game, and will be constantly working to improve this site and keeping it as accurate as possible with up-to-date information and changes in the internet marketing world. Bear with us as we continue to work on improving your experience on our site and the structure of it for you and the search engines.

Let us know what you think about our new website by connecting with us on our social media accounts! (hint: Social share buttons on the left side of the page or follow us through the various social media buttons at the very top of the page!)

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Rachel Delaney

By Rachel Delaney, Chief Copy Writer

Rachel is ProspectMX’s writer, editor, and grammar nerd. Rachel comes to us from Millersville University with a BA in English and Print Media. She brings a creative mind and big ideas to the table. Her passion for reading, writing, and learning brought her into the world of internet marketing where she gets to combine her writing skills with a broad range of topics. Rachel uses her skills and upbeat personality to help our Content Marketing campaigns thrive.