11 Easy Blog Topic Ideas for 2012

One of the biggest questions our customers ask about blogging is “What the heck do I blog about?”

In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve asked myself that a time or two when it was my turn to contribute content to the blog. I recently sat down and started a list of blog topics that I shared with my coworkers for when they need a little help getting the creative juices flowing.

While I wrote these blog topic ideas with the internet marketing and technology industry in mind, I think with a few tweaks they can easily be used across multiple industries.

Not only did I get a nice little blog post out of this task, I just may have started a new resource we can provide clients during blog consulting and development! Two birds, one stone!

Easy Blog Topic Ideas in a Pinch

  • The “Expert” post – take your area of expertise and simply write up an interesting, insightful, or useful post about it.
  • The “Resource” post – analyze or critique another resourceful post or piece of content (article, infographic, video, etc.)
  • The “Review” post – weigh the pros and cons of different technologies or tools you use in your field.
  • The “Tech” post – talk about a new gadget you’ve played with or give a heads up about up and coming technology.
  • The “List” post – if you’re feeling a little lazy, pick a topic, find 10 – 20 AWESOME resources on it and list them in your post.
  • The “SEO” post – talk to the person in charge of your SEO and find out hot keyword topics in your industry. Then write about them.
  • The “Interview” post – find an employee or another big wig in your industry and interview them.
  • The “Customer Spotlight” post – pick a customer, talk about how awesome they are and throw them a shout out from your team.
  • The “Local Phenomena” post – be one of the first to blog about something unusual happening in your area – an earthquake, a weather phenomena, etc.
  • The “Holiday” post – if you’re blogging around a holiday, throw some interesting facts together – no lie, my Thanksgiving blog post still consistently ranks and gets traffic around the holidays. (Did you know turkeys can drown if they look up while it rains?)
  • The “Personal” post – share something about your life and connect it to a lesson, metaphor or simile to your work or industry. Believe it or not, my 9 month old has taught me a lot about customer service and how to interact with with clients. (No stealsies! I just figured out my next blog post.)
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