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We’re Looking To Add Some Talented People To Our Team

So… we’re growing.  Like, really fast.

With growth, comes the need to add to the team.  To fulfill the needs that we have right now, we are looking for a few talented individuals to help us out.  We are in great need of two Link Architects. Now, if you’re thinking of applying for this position, make sure that you are comfortable working in a youthful, high energy, daily changing environment and have an incredible sense of humor.  Without those traits, you’ll hate working here.  When we say this, we are serious.  You will probably be shot with nerf guns, have very odd things thrown in your direction (never anything painful) and be a victim of inter-office pranks from time to time.

Work Hard… Play Hard…

But don’t think it’s just fun and games.  We expect our people to work even harder than they play.  Late hours at the office, weekend work and early morning meetings are expected from time to time if we have deadlines that need to be met.  So you have to be dedicated and focused.

We Have All The “Trimmings”

Before we get to the details of the positions, you should know that health insurance, a retirement account, profit sharing program and a bunch of other cool stuff is available with us as well… once you’re employed with us for a specific time.

Link Architect

So here’s the deal with our link architects. You’re given a keyword phrase and a web page. Your job is to go about finding sites to link to us from all over the internet. We teach you how to find the sites to get links from, but you have to use your personality and drive to contact all of those websites (hundreds) and negotiate getting them to link to our client sites. The job sometimes requires negotiating with website owners, attending networking events to build relationships, participating on forums, blog commenting and more.

It’s a really tough job, and lazy people need not apply. Lots of cold calling, business sense and marketing creativity required.

With that said, a link architect needs to have general html knowledge, and a vast understanding of how to use tools like Google and yahoo.

Those who desire the position of an SEO Engineer will often start in the Link Architect Position.

So if you’re into all this stuff, upload your resume. But please don’t waste our time or yours if you are expecting a 9 - 5 job. We can’t stand “short cut finding clock punchers” here. We give a lot of freedoms, but expect extremely hard work.

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EXPERIENCED Full Time Web Developer / Programmer

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$other_experience = array(’ASP’,'Cold Fusion’,'Perl’,'Other Scripting or Programming Languages’);

if(in_array($your_knowledge,$experience) && $years_experience > 2){
$result = ‘need you, please contact us right away.’;
} else {
$result = ‘will consider you.’;

if(in_array($your_knowledge,$other_experience)) $result .= ‘ Your additional experience will be helpful.’;

echo “We ” . $result;

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Administrative / Executive Assistant (We Found One! Welcome, Jenny!)

The person who fills this position will be compensated based on their experience and abilities as they relate to the requirements listed herein.

To be eligible for this position, candidates must (make sure you read these, they really are required):

  • Have a high energy, positive attitude and great sense of humor regardless of circumstance.
  • Be extremely professional in attitude, appearance and speech.
  • Be comfortable and confident relaying information to and from CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies as well as entry level applicants.  This communication takes place via phone and email.
  • Have an in depth understanding of email, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.
  • Enjoy writing about things that are unfamiliar by researching the topic and developing content.
  • Have impeccable written grammar and spelling along with the ability to proof read material written by other inside and outside of our organization.
  • Have an in depth understanding of the internet and be familiar with sites similar to eBay, Amazon, and an understanding of how to utilize Google, Yahoo and other search engines.
  • Have the ability to quickly learn new software applications.
  • Be able to type at least 50 words per minute with 90% accuracy.
  • Enjoy being givens tasks without much direction and figuring out a way to complete them by researching provided resources.
  • Enjoy regular changes and an extremely fast paced environment.
  • Be extremely dependable.
  • Have the ability to stay late, work weekends, and come in early from time to time.  This doesn’t happen often, but it does every now and then.
  • Have at least 2 years experience as an admin assistant, preferably in an organization where support of a team of professionals and executives was delivered.
  • Have an impeccable attention to detail and organization.
  • Be able to provide work references that are familiar with the candidates experience as it relates to this list.

It’s a benefit if candidates:

  • Have a college degree.
  • Have past experience working in a marketing agency.
  • Have an understanding of Search Engine Optimization and other internet marketing strategies.
  • Have successful experience dealing with “C” Level executives via phone and email.

Some of the specific duties of the Administrative Assistant may include:

  • Offering and preparing beverages for potential and current clients in our office, which include business owners, marketing executives and CEO’s.
  • Conducting phone calls for ProspectMX Co-Founders and executives to potential and current customers, job applicants and others.
  • Preparing reports in excel and word for the ProspectMX marketing team and executives.
  • Clerical duties including copying, stapling, typing and more.
  • Working on eBay to sell a variety of products and communicating with buyers and sellers of products.
  • Communicating with buyers of our digital products and providing customer support for these individuals.
  • Writing articles on topics in which you are unfamiliar by researching.
  • Answering phone calls for executives and taking messages, forwarding to voicemail or connecting them through our phone system.
  • Scheduling appointments for team members and executives as required.
  • Taking items to FedEx for deliver.
  • Doing other miscellaneous tasks that will often be assigned at the last minute and have a quick required completion time.

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SEO Project Manager (We Found One! Welcome, Alex!)

The person who fills this position will be compensated based on their experience and abilities as they relate to the requirements listed herein.

We’ve got deadlines to many many projects. There are always hundreds of tasks that our team needs to complete in a given week and a ton of resources to get the tasks done. We are looking for a high quality and experienced Project Manager to help our team to stay accountable by utilizing these resources and team members.

The selected candidate for this position will be the communicator between our tech team, the sales team, the executive board and the client. Because of this, extreme attention to detail, organization and communication skills are a must. In addition, basic budgeting skills are required because it will be the project managers responsibility to ensure that projects are completed within budget.

Also, very important to the position are the ability to ask questions to find out more than what is “on the surface”, identifying underlying issues and figuring out assumptions that are not spoken or written. Interpersonal Conflict resolution is important as well, as the chosen candidate will be responsible for finding resolutions to any customer issues that may develop.

Expectations for the SEO Project Manager Include:

  • The ability to identify hidden ways that our products and services can help a customer by listening to their companies “pains” during project meetings
  • A basic understanding of HTML Code and how websites work
  • Minimum of 2 years Project Management Experience
  • An understanding of how Google, Yahoo and other search engines work
  • A savvy understanding of the internet with a desire to learn more every day
  • Ability to manage a team (some of who will be in superior positions) and keep them accountable to their commitments
  • Strong business ethics
  • Reliability and Dependability
  • Comfort with speaking and/or communicating via writing with “C” Level executives
  • Ability to multi-task and keep extreme attention to detail
  • Proficiency with MS Word, MS Excel
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