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Archive for October, 2009

Viral Marketing… did Microsoft trick us?!

In the spirit of Halloween, I would like to take this time to talk about a potential trick that was pulled on all of us recently. As anyone in the internet ...
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Reduce, Re-use, We’re Not Talking About Recycling Here.

So your business is green now... how about your website? Imagine if you printed each page of your site, and then gave them to Google. Then, after you handed them over, ...
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Google Voice Applications For Internet Marketing

Is Google finding a way to integrate the tracking of online and offline marketing results? Many people know that one of the great things about internet marketing is the ease and ...
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Yahoo! Will Stop Ripping Off Searchers via Paid Inclusion Soon

I have been known when I speak to groups around the country when publicly asked about ranking in Yahoo! to smirk a bit. I have despised Yahoo! for years ...
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How To Find Keyword Conversion Percentage By Landing Page Using Google Analytics

At ProspectMX, we are proud to say that we aren't just another internet marketing company that can rank websites with no regard for business goals. While sending an increased amount ...
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Study Guide for Becoming A Google Adwords Qualified Professional

So I am now officially an Adwords Qualified Professional…woohoo! Just took the test this morning, so I figured it would be helpful to put together a quick study guide ...
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3 Golden Rules of SEO (for the Tech)

We find, more often then not, that the people who develop business websites and web applications do not understand the basic principals of search engine optimization. Even if they do ...
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Designing Above the Fold…Does It Matter?

If there's one thing that most designers will tell you is important when designing a page, it's that all of the important content should be "above the fold."  It's a ...
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Jay-Z’s ‘Blueprint’ For Social Media Success

When it comes to my Twittering, I like to kick it old school. While the rest of you tweet using your fancy iPhones, your massive TweetDecks, or your mini Twhirl's and ...
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