Internet/Website Designer Job


Years ago when I was looking for a design/artist job, I typed ‘artist’ into a job search engine and the only result was for a ‘sandwich artist’ at subway. So…assuming you don’t feel like asking people what kind of cheese they want on their hoagie, we may have a job for you!

ProspectMX is a Lancaster internet marketing company. Does this describe you…

You like to design webpages? You like to code them in html and CSS? You’re familiar with WordPress? You have a passion for Flash and actionscript? Then apply already!

What you should send…

Resumes are good and all, and we definitely want to see them, but please send as many work examples as you can. Sites, flash, video, drawings, macaroni pictures. The more the merrier.

Click here to apply…

…and if you’re this guy or gal….you’re hired!


We’re Hiring Internet Marketing Guru’s!

Well, our company is growing. Our client base is getting larger and larger and we need to add some team members to our staff, so do me a favor and spread the word to any one you know that may be interested.

Specifically, we’re looking to bring on 4 different types of people. I have run through them below, but you can get more information and upload your resume on our internet marketing jobs in PA page.

Our company is located in Lancaster, PA, which is about 1 hour from Philly, 3.5 hours from New York City, and about 1.5 hours from Baltimore. If you want to apply, simply upload your resume and we’ll call you.

SEO Engineers

These individuals will be responsible for mapping out large scale internet marketing campaigns and helping to orchestrate them from a high level. Some of the projects are our own internal companies and others are our clients, which currently range from fortune 500 companies to “large” small businesses, if that makes any sense.

SEO Engineers need to be creative as they are responsible to develop high level link baiting ideas.

Web Content Writers

Love to write? If you’re an experienced journalistic writer, you’d have fun working with us. Press releases, articles, web site content, blog posts and more are included in the requirements for the web content writing position.

PPC Specialists

Google, Yahoo and MSN’s PPC programs are very popular for our customers. If you have a TRUE UNDERSTANDING of how these programs work and have a track record and experience, let’s chat.

Link Architects

It’s all about link building. Link building includes important things like negotiating with site owners, creating relationships with web masters, identifying linking oportunities and more. This position is for those who want to get going in SEO and have outgoing personalities and an in depth knowledge of the internet and basic html skills.