Prospect Cultivator: Lead Follow Up System

lead follow upWhat do you do with prospects who aren’t quite ready to buy? Do you maintain a database of leads, or do you scrap them if they’re not buying what you’re selling right away?

Scraping potentials leads is literally like flushing portions of your profit right down the drain!

For years we’ve worked on Prospect Cultivator, an automated lead follow up system and client relationship manager (CRM). This product is designed to help companies stay in regular contact with both leads (or prospects) and current customers.

Just because a lead isn’t quite ready to buy your product or service, doesn’t mean you should give up on them. Instead, you should be keeping in regular contact with them, providing them with useful information about your products and service, updating them with news and offering special deals or coupons.

Automated Lead Follow Up’s Never Been Easier

With Prospect Cultivator, you can automatically send personalized emails and remind your sales team to make regular follow up calls, send notes, etc. to keep in touch with your prospects and keep your brand in front of them.

It allows you to make sure that leads generated through your site or opportunities for repeat business from customers are never wasted, and that your sales team stays organized and on top of its lead follow up procedures.

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The Benefits of Lead Follow Up Software

Prospect Cultivator can:

  • Help you keep in touch with current customers and get repeat business
  • Help you stay in touch with prospects and sell them on your products or services
  • Send out email drip campaigns to your clients and leads
  • Remind your sales team to make calls, send notes, etc. to prospects
  • House a custom “tools” section with training materials, sales collateral, and more for your sales team
  • Create master and sub-accounts for easy organization and management of sales accounts
  • Send each account a daily list of “to-do” tasks
  • Send scheduled call or appointment reminders via text message
  • Allow you to create a custom signature graphic and logo for high-end professional email marketing

When you purchase Prospect Cultivator, we’ll build a custom interface to reflect your company’s logo and design. We’ll also customize the Tools section to include any content, documents or even videos you may want. We can set it up so that leads generated by your site are automatically imported into your Prospect Cultivator accounts.

The perfect complement to any variety of our custom internet marketing services, fill out the form today for a free quote on our automated follow up software!

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