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Do you want to rank high in the search engines for your company name? How about for products or services you sell? Do you want your site to be easily found by people who need something you can provide?

If you answered yes, then link building is a MUST for your search engine optimization campaign. The number of links coming to your site and the text used in the link is how the search engines decide where and what your website ranks for.

contextual link building popularity servicesActually the search engines take many factors into account when determining site rankings but link building is one of the most important. When another site links to your site, it’s almost like a vote in your favor to the search engines. It shows them that other sites find yours useful.

Now, you can wait and hope that people will recognize your great site, product and services and start linking to them – or you can hire ProspectMX to get the word out and help leverage more links to your site.

Link building for your site will:

  • Increase your rankings for various keywords related to your business
  • Increase traffic to your site from both the search engines and referring sites
  • Help send more relevant traffic to your site, resulting in higher conversion rates
  • Make you into an authority in your own niche or industry

In other words, link building for the right keyword phrases allows you to target your ideal prospect – someone already actively searching for the products or service you can provide!

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Why is it Important?

Even more important than your site’s design, and the content on that site is link building. Think of the Internet like a big popularity contest. The more votes, somebody gets to be prom king, the more likely he is to be just that… the prom King. The search engines work in a very similar way.

Essentially, the search engines believe that if a site is worthy of appearing in its index under a given search phrase that there were most likely be many many links pointing to that particular page with that keyword anchor text. There are many different ways to get those links, and you can see our famous SEO link building chart to understand a little bit more about it or you can read below.

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Link Building Services

One Way Link Building Services

Google, Yahoo and MSN each rank pages using a slightly different algorithm. However, there is a major (and vital to understand) commonality between them. The sites with the most high quality links usually win the ranking battle. Therefore, it’s important that there be many one way links to the pages that you want to rank for a given keyword phrase.

Competition Link Building Campaigns

To achieve your ranking goals, we collect competition data on the websites that already rank for your terms and go about getting links on as many of the sites linking to them as we can. This is done through phone calls and emails where we introduce them to link worth content on your website that will be helpful to their site visitors.

Contextual Link Building With High Authority Sites

Additionally, there are sites that the search engines consider to be high in authority. These sites include everything from wiki’s to university and government sites. We are experts at working with editors at and, which are two of the most difficult sites in the world to get links from. Additionally, we can help you to create something of value on your site that .gov sites would be interested in linking to. These one way links can be some of the most important and difficult to obtain.

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Link Building Tactics

Contextual Link Building Plans

One of the things we specialize in is contextual link building plans. This is where blogs and other sites link to your site because of something that we create on your website… or something that already exists. These contextual links happen as a result of the owner writing about your products, services or website. Sometimes, when an author doesn’t have time, we will actually create original articles and ask them to agree to place them on their site. Since we are controlling the message in this practice of contextual link building, we typically find this to be very effective.

Links From Articles and Press Releases

Another great way to get links to your site is by publishing articles and press releases. When they are written properly, these two can not only provide a relevant link to your site, but also generate traffic from readers who want more information.

We also have means of mass distributing articles and press releases that you may be writing for traditional marketing means. We have had some incredible success stories from clients who meet new customers through these means.

Directory Placement

Great links can come from high quality directory. There are a few directories that are very important. Hand edited directories can provide a major impact in improving overall site value and authority - simply by clicking “submit website.” We believe the search engines consider them to be important is because there is a fee to be included and the directories do not accept “just anyone” to be included.

In addition, we have found in many instances there are important, industry specific directories that carry weight with the engines. We will investigate all of these options and building links via these submissions.

As a note: There are many horrible directories that can negatively affect your “score” with the search engines. Make sure you never sign up for a “Mass Directory Submission” of any kind. We have heard horror stories from our clients who were sold into this in the past.

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