Internet Marketing Speakers

Are you ready to open your industry to the invaluable benefits of the types of internet marketing services companies like ProspectMX provide? Looking to learn a little more about what it can do for your business, but don’t know where to start?

The answer may be to hire ProspectMX to speak at your next expo, convention or trade show!

Our Internet Marketing Consultants and Co-Founder and President of Internet Marketing Strategies are qualified internet marketing speakers and teachers of many aspects of Internet Marketing. They combine innovative marketing strategies with practical business sense to teach their audience that it’s not just about website traffic – it’s about converting that traffic into business.

internet marketing speakerOur internet marketing speakers share how their own company’s internet marketing skills and experiences can and should be applied to industries across the board. The team’s ability to combine cutting edge internet marketing strategies and technology with practical business application add a unique spin to the emerging field of internet marketing.

Past & Future Speaking Engagements

  • Exton, PA 3/09
  • Chicago, IL 5/09
  • Chicago, IL 6/09
  • Atlantic City, NJ 8/09
  • New Orleans, LA 11/09
  • Quebec, Canada 1/10
  • Atlanta, GA 2/10
  • Orlando, Feb 2/10
  • Phoenix, AZ 4/10
  • Prairie du Sac, WI 12/10
  • Tampa, FL 1/11
  • Naples, FL 3/11

The innovation in their presentations comes from the way they can tailor their topic to fit the audience’s needs. From CEOs to marketers, entrepreneurs to business owners and various demographics in between, our Internet Marketing Consultants have a knack for presenting exactly what the audience needs to hear to truly empower their internet marketing efforts.

Areas of Expertise for our Internet Marketing Speakers

Always engaging the audience, our Internet Marketing Consultants love to use actual audience member’s websites to drive their point home, allowing the audience to leave with practical advice on how to improve their internet marketing efforts.

Audience members always leave the presentations of our internet marketing speakers with practical knowledge on how they can implement internet marketing and use it to their advantage, whether by getting their websites ranked, involving their company in social media and networks online, or simply turning their website into a business generating machine.

Check out some of the frequent speaking engagement topics below.


  • Keyword Research – how to uncover the exact terms people are searching for online in relation to your business or service.
  • Site Optimization – learn to organize your website layout and code to optimize it around relevant keyword terms.
  • Content Optimization – learning how the right content can have your site ranking for multiple keyword phrases within weeks.
  • Link Building – the lifeblood of SEO! How to build links and effectively increase your search engine rankings.
  • SEO/Conversion Friendly Website Design – learning how a website can rank well in the search engines AND drum up potential business for its company.
  • Analytics – learn the importance of tracking key metrics of websites and internet marketing strategies to measure impact and ROI.


Reputation Management

  • Reputation Monitoring – learn to utilize social media and other tools to keep an eye out on your online reputation. Negative publicity online can cost companies millions!
  • Reputation Management – learn the best way to handle negative publicity online through quick response, transparent marketing and the utilization of social media.


Social Media

  • Social Media Campaigns – learn the importance of utilizing social media strategy to spread brand recognition, build fans of your business, send traffic and build organic links to your site.
  • Viral Marketing - create buzz worthy content or video that will result in links back to your site.
    Community Development – develop a community site where fans of your general industry can gather to interact and spread brand awareness.
  • Social Profile Creation – learn the importance of creating and managing profiles on social networking sites to attract visitors and interact with prospective customers.


PPC & Affiliate Marketing

  • PPC Campaigns – discover the formula for PPC success when developing campaigns for various PPC platforms such as Google Adwords &Yahoo Search Marketing.
  • PPC Optimization – how to take your campaign from “so-so” to booming with simple optimization and maintenance.
  • Landing Page Design – learn the best practices when it comes to converting traffic to leads or sales.
  • Affiliate Marketing – learn how you can pay other marketers to generate leads and sales for your business!


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