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When it comes time to analyze your Profit & Loss Statement, does your website get marked under “Income” or “Expense?”

Your website is so much more than the public face of your company – it’s an opportunity to engage visitors and generate business and revenue for your company. That’s where the right website design comes in.

The right website design can:

  • Generate leads or sales for your business
  • Spread brand awareness across the web
  • Let you engage customers and potential customers alike
  • Help you become a well known authority in your industry

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Professional Web Design to Fit Your Vision

You want your website to rank in the search engines. You want your site to generate leads, sales or business for your company. You want your site to look amazing and give your site visitors exactly what they’re looking for. And it’d be great if your site could be updated by your employees, rather than always having to run to your designer to make changes.

Sounds like a too-good-to-be-true type of website…but it’s not! When you hire ProspectMX to handle your web design for SEO, you get all four in one! Plus all of our websites are built using current web practices and standards, as well as being W3C compliant.

Of course, we don’t just design websites…our production team can provide:

  • Web design
  • Logo design
  • Graphic design
  • Print design
  • Custom Applications (ie: CMS plug-ins, API Integrations, etc.)

Our SEO Web Design Experience

seo web designA stylish website is all well and good, but if it’s not generating leads or sales for your business then really, what’s the point? At ProspectMX we don’t just design websites that look great – we design websites that generate business.

Any professional website needs to engage visitors and entice them to take specific actions – such as buying a product, filling out a form for more information, etc. That is what conversion friendly design is all about.

Our creative team can develop a look for your site that not only fits your vision and business goals, but will generate new business for your company to boot! It’s time to mark your website firmly in the “Income” column!

Of course, that’s not all to keep in mind when it comes to design…

Conversion Friendly Design

Your website has two main audiences: the human visitors who are potential customers, and the search engines who determine where and what your site ranks for. That means your website design needs to target both.

ProspectMX has the expertise in SEO web design to deliver a site capable of targeting search engines and humans.


Web Design for SEO

Web Design for SEO

Of course, a conversion-generating website is all well and good…but it won’t help increase your business much if people can’t find it! That’s why it’s crucial to your internet marketing success that your site design is SEO-friendly.

We guarantee that any website we design will be optimized for the search engines. Our first step for any site design is to conduct research to find popular keywords that are relevant to your business. That means keywords that, if someone is searching for them online, indicate that person is in need of products or services YOU can provide for them.

As we build your website, each page is optimized around these keywords, which is the first step to achieving high rankings in the search engines.


Easy to Use CMS

Easy to Use Content Management Systems (CMS)

While we’re more than happy to continue updating your website for you, we like to give you the power to do it yourself. That’s why all our sites are designed using an easy to learn CMS that will allow you to update information, add new images, make new pages, and much more for your website.

Are you ready to mark your website under “income” rather than “expense”? SEO-friendly design along with our customized internet marketing services and strategies could make that happen! Fill out the form for your consultation today.


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