Years ago when I was looking for a design/artist job, I typed ‘artist’ into a job search engine and the only result was for a ‘sandwich artist’ at subway. So…assuming you don’t feel like asking people what kind of cheese they want on their hoagie, we may have a job for you!

ProspectMX is a Lancaster internet marketing company. Does this describe you…

You like to design webpages? You like to code them in html and CSS? You’re familiar with WordPress? You have a passion for Flash and actionscript? Then apply already!

What you should send…

Resumes are good and all, and we definitely want to see them, but please send as many work examples as you can. Sites, flash, video, drawings, macaroni pictures. The more the merrier.

Click here to apply…

…and if you’re this guy or gal….you’re hired!

2 Responses to “Internet/Website Designer Job”

  1. J. Bentz 29. Sep, 2008 at 10:40 am #

    Macaroni art is definitely a major indicator of a successful graphic designer. I, however, did not do that well at macaroni art - therefore, I am a link ninja. Good luck finding a teammate, Adam.


  2. Jason 29. Sep, 2008 at 2:06 pm #

    Is this job a tele-commute, work from my office gigs?


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