New Site Launch!

Posted July 29, 2014 by Rachel Delaney

Our New Internet Marketing Company Website Design ProspectMX is excited to announce that we have launched our new site!  Our new website brings a fresh face to our trusted and successful company, and is the continuation to even more success for years to come.   New Location, ... Read More
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Redefining a Brand : ProspectMX 3.0

Posted March 28, 2012 by ProspectMX

In the coming months, we will be working towards rebranding and redesigning the ProspectMX website. When I joined ProspectMX in 2008, the original website was still in place and for the most part we were happy with it. The following ... Read More

Your site is ranking, now let’s make it pretty!

Posted November 20, 2009 by Adam Perry

As a internet marketing company, it's our main goal to help companies rank their websites higher in the SERPs.  That's what we're good at and that's what we do.  But it's my job as a designer to make the pages ... Read More
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Designing Above the Fold…Does It Matter?

Posted October 09, 2009 by Adam Perry

If there's one thing that most designers will tell you is important when designing a page, it's that all of the important content should be "above the fold."  It's a common practice that dates back to when humans read something ... Read More

Google drives designers crazy!

Posted March 20, 2009 by Adam Perry

The design-o-sphere is abuzz today with the recent blog post by Douglas Bowman about his decision to leave Google. Douglas was more or less the first real creative director at Google and brought about much of the look and standards ... Read More

Obama Makes Money, McCain Ignites Issues With Internet Marketing

Posted September 09, 2008 by Jonathan Bentz

Our home city - Lancaster, PA - has seen visits from both major party presidential candidates in the last week. Since the 2008 election is fast approaching, and the candidates have been playing the politics game in our backyard so ... Read More

Our Way To Celebrate Google Chrome (And it’s pRon mode)

Posted September 03, 2008 by Dave Conklin

We have put together a comic in celebration of Google Chrome. Hopefully Sergey and Larry have good senses of humor... because we love the product!
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Logo A Go-Go

Posted March 24, 2008 by ProspectMX

  Logo Design I'm a big fan of just browsing sites and examining their logos. I guess it's a bit geeky but I think it's a pretty normal thing to do if you're really into something. So this weekend I was clicking ... Read More

Design & Internet Marketing Harmony

Posted March 21, 2008 by ProspectMX

The general consensus is that "web designers can make a site, but they can't make it look good. Graphic designers can make it look good, but can't make it work." I say, bollocks to that! When I was a design student there ... Read More