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I’m a big fan of just browsing sites and examining their logos. I guess it’s a bit geeky but I think it’s a pretty normal thing to do if you’re really into something. So this weekend I was clicking through some design sites and some non-design sites and saw some pretty good logos and some really bad logos! Unfortunately a good cross-section of the bad logos have been designed over the last 5-10 years while logo standards have somewhat dropped off.

The standards I speak of are pretty simple. Readability, clean, appropriate fonts and colors and the ability to be recreated for black and white usage.

Right off the bat, the first (and often biggest) offender has been the recreation in black and white factor. I attribute this primarily to the internet age. More and more often you see marketing being geared strictly to the world wide web, and since you don’t see many black and white computer screens, there isn’t much need for a black and white logo. Well, that is just craziness, you still need your logo, your brand, to be usable in color AND in black and white… even if you go green and don’t use paper, chances are that prospective clients still do, which means you must still design for print as well as web. It’s a simple concept but very true.

I think the rest is pretty self explanatory. Obviously you want your logo to be readable, else why would you have a name? If your logo looks sloppy, guess what that says about you? And if you use odd font combinations and strange colors… again… what does that say about you, about your business… and if you happen to be dealing with visual advertising and marketing, what kind of vision are you portraying with such nonsense?

So I say to everyone who would happen to come across this post, in your opinion, what are some examples of good logos and examples of bad logos? Of course this is all your opinion, but please give some backing to your candidates and why you feel they are good or bad.

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Ashley Walter

By Ashley Walter, Director of Operations

Ashley Walter is ProspectMX's Marketing Operations Manager. With a BS in International Business and concentrations in Marketing and Spanish, Ashley uses her knowledge in these industries to manage every aspect of a client's campaign. Before coming to work full-time at ProspectMX, she held an internship with us and demonstrated remarkable skill and knowledge in the internet marketing field. Creative, meticulous, and hardworking, Ashley is the go-to girl for ProspectMX and can handle any task or situation that is thrown at her.