internet marketing jobs in PA graphicWe at ProspectMX like the smart kids. Ya’ know… the ones that got picked on in high school by the people who are now practically homeless.

So, if you are (or were) one of the “smart kids” and you love internet marketing, search engine optimization, link building, creating link bait and things like that, we just might have a home for you here.

We have about 10 sites that our co-founders own and we also do work for clients across the globe. We have Fortune 500 companies as customers as well as small mom and pop outfits. Some are local, some are world wide.

Oh, one last thing. There are no “hours” at ProspectMX. The day ends when the work is done. Extended hours are required from time to time. So, if you’re not into burning the midnight oil to make sure a project is completed on time, working here probably isn’t for you.

So, here are some of the positions we are always looking for great new talent in:

Search Engine Optimization Engineer

This is a high end search position that focuses on high level strategy for internal sites as well as external sites. The strategies include link building, content creation, viral marketing concepts, negotiating with sites and more.

So, to be eligible, you need to be comfortable negotiating with people in person and on the phone, and have a great understanding and a lot of experience in link baiting, link building and ethical white hat SEO.

When you apply, you will be required to create and optimization plan for a website that we give you. We also would like to see work that you have been involved in.

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Web Content Specialist

Are you into creative writing? Do you love writing about all kinds of things you know nothing about? Are you into research? If this is you… let’s chat.

ProspectMX has a great need for high quality writers all the time. Sometimes, it’s creating e-books from research that is provided and other times, you’ll do your own research. It may be rewriting news articles and it may be creating news.

If you have a journalistic approach to writing, you would probably enjoy being a content writer for ProspectMX. You will be creating press releases and submitting them to media outlets, writing articles, creating web site content and working with the design team on copy writing.

Experience and a portfolio of work is required to be considered. We only hire the best.

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PPC Marketing Specialist

Yahoo, MSN, and of course, Google all have pay per click advertising models. We are always looking for people who understand the models of these programs and how to effectively lower cost per click rates while increasing conversion rates.

PPC is a Science… it’s not something just anyone can learn to do well. If you have experience with PPC and understand keyword research tools, exact, broad and phrase matching, site quality scoring and more, give us a call.

When we meet, your interview will include actually creating a complex pay per click campaign for a site we provide you with in yahoo, Google and msn.

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Link Architect

So here’s the deal with our link architects. You’re given a keyword phrase and a web page. Your job is to go about finding sites to link to us from all over the internet. The job sometimes requires negotiating with website owners, attending networking events to build relationships, participating on forums, blog commenting and more.

It is the job of a link architect to create links to a web site. All day… every day.

With that said, a link architect needs to have general html knowledge, and a vast understanding of how to use tools like Google and yahoo.

Those who desire the position of an SEO Engineer will often start in the Link Architect Position.

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