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The crucial act of following-up in internet marketing

If You Only Do One Thing Today, Do This

Posted October 12, 2015 by Scott Rehnberg

About a year ago I was in the market to purchase a new car. I wasn’t going into this process cold. I knew what I wanted, what it was worth, and what I was willing to spend. I was ready ... Read More
Google on Apple Ipad - Google mobile ranking prospectmx

10 Things Website Owners Need to Know about Google’s Mobile-Ranking Change

Posted April 15, 2015 by Joshua Cranmer

Is Your Website Ready for Google's Mobile Update? On April 21st, Google will be launching a new algorithm update that will affect search engines on mobile devices. This change is said to be bigger than both “Panda” and “Penguin,” and will ... Read More
Learned about Internet Marketing from Mortal Kombat - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

6 Things Mortal Kombat Taught Me About Marketing

Posted October 07, 2014 by prospectmx

Marketing and Mortal KombatOn June 2, 2014 NetherRealm Studios announced the next installment of the series Mortal Kombat. An entire generation of adults can conjure up memories of smashing buttons for hours playing the fast paced fighting game. From looking ... Read More
Client Communication - Technical SEO & Internet Marketing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Establishing, Managing, and Maintaining Client Communication

Posted August 27, 2014 by Ashley Walter

As an internet marketing agency with a long list of clients and an even longer list of projects, client communication can feel like a project of itself.As projects get more complex, CRM’s get more interactive, and internal web-based task management ... Read More

Creating Buyer Personas: Translating the Data into Reality

Posted August 13, 2014 by Joshua Cranmer

For any marketing agency, buyer personas are a crucial step in the process of a campaign. Building buyer personas with your team will allow you to easily see your campaign from the audience’s perspective, in order to target to needs ... Read More
Conversion Winning - Technical SEO & Internet Marketing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

How We Improved Conversions By 266%

Posted August 06, 2014 by Joshua Cranmer

Internet Marketing TestingToday’s modern day internet marketer is a scientist testing different versions of pages and doing whatever it takes to get better data. We never rest on “good is good enough.” We constantly look to improve any core metric ... Read More
Kevin Spacey & Content Marketing - SEO & Internet Marketing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Kevin Spacey and Content Marketing

Posted September 12, 2013 by Joshua Cranmer

Kevin Spacey.Enough said...? Okay. Maybe I need to go into a little more detail then. I bet, first, that you're asking yourself, "why is this guy blogging on an internet marketing company blog about Kevin Spacey?" Well, you’re right. It ... Read More
content marketing infographic - Technical SEO & Internet Marketing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Breaking It Down: How Content Marketing Benefits Your Business

Posted April 19, 2013 by Ashley Lichty

Trying to explain WHAT content marketing is, let alone how it can benefit a business, can be a challenging endeavor.Most business minds, from CEOs to marketing managers, are stuck in the mindset that all marketing should directly generate leads/sales, or ... Read More
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Tips For Preparing Your E-Store For International Customers

Posted August 05, 2012 by Jonathan Bentz

Want to take your website global but not sure where the best ecommerce markets are or how to attract international customers? Below, in this infographic published by Brokers Worldwide - an international provider of mail services - you’ll find a ... Read More
b2b b2c impact - Technical SEO & Internet Marketing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

4 Ways To Integrate Your Marketing Strategy

Posted April 09, 2012 by Rachel Delaney

There is one goal for your marketing campaigns: generate revenue either through sales or brand awareness that leads to future sales. However, your ability to effectively maximize your profits from investments in social media, e-mail, PPC campaigns, SEO, and blogging ... Read More