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Archive for September, 2008

Internet/Website Designer Job

Years ago when I was looking for a design/artist job, I typed 'artist' into a job search engine and the only result was for a 'sandwich artist' at subway. So...assuming ...
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Sharing Internet Marketing Mastery With Lancaster County

Whether or not everyone understands how it works, internet marketing produces results for its adopters. Its hard to argue against fully utilizing a medium when 80% of your target market ...
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Inc 500 Conference and Awards

This blog post is REALLY LONG... but I wanted to sum it all up in one post. I did some smaller posts on our real estate coaching blog that ...
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PHP Developer Job

We are looking for several experienced PHP web developers for three full time positions at our Lancaster internet marketing office. We don't care what's on your resume, we care more ...
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Live Blogging Inc. 500 | 5000 Conference

Rory, Steve and I will be heading down tonight to Washington DC where we will be hanging out with some incredible people including Kris Jones, Seth Godin and others... We ...
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Internet Marketing Web Cams!

So this is just a test right now, but we're working on ways to let you into "our world" by showing you what we're doing... all day long! The Cams: Streaming live ...
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Inexperienced PPC Teams All Over The Place

OOps... so all weekend when checking ranking for one of my terms there was a ad running in adwords that looked like this: It's funny to me when I realize that ...
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Writing For The Web vs. How To Write Correct Copy For Content on the Internet

One of the things I love most about my role as content copywriter here at PMX is writing for the web. Why? Simple: it is (99% of the time) SO ...
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Internet Marketers Have to Eat, Too!

On Friday, we were all sitting around complaining about how hungry we were... so we decided to take a trip over to Iron Hill, a local restaurant. We had a great ...
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Kill your TV with a Cathode Ray.

I'm sick of TV. Really. Anyone that knows anything about anything knows that no one watches TV anymore. No one buys TVs anymore. Nothing good is ever made for TV ...
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