Press Release Writing 101

Press releases are the best and most formal way to make the media aware of your company announcing something of newsworthy value. This could include launching a new product or service, or making the public aware of a new CEO leading the pack.

The most important aspects to keep in mind when crafting a press release is to:

Engage the Reader

Keep your target audience in mind through the entire writing process. Press releases are intended for the PRESS. Just think of the amount of press releases that a reporter receives each and every day. Make the content interesting and engaging. Another way to spruce things up is to include photos, business logos, and even charts. Anything that catches the eye will do the trick!

Optimize Content

There are several online press release distribution sites that allow you to reach your media contacts as well as push your press release on the web. To get the most out of online submissions, make your press release stand out with keyword rich content. This will help potential customers find your website on the top pages of Google search results when performing a specialized search related to your product or service.

Verify that Objectives are Met

Keep your eyes on the prize. Read your press release over and over again to confirm that your objectives have been met. Are you portraying your company in the highest regards? Are you including all the details upfront; who, what, where, when, why and how? Are you promoting what you intended? These are all valid questions to make sure you’re on topic.

Include a Call to Action

Toward the end of your press release include a call to action. This can be leading back to your website talking specifically about the product or service being promoted or even to your blog. Don’t hesitate to also include your social media sites as well to gain more exposure.

Not Exceed in Length

Don’t over kill it. A good rule of thumb is sticking between 300 and 500 words for a good press release. If you’re including great detail, an acceptable press release can be up to 800 words in length.

Check for Grammar

Take time to read your press release—and then read it again, checking for any grammar or punctuation mistakes. It’s always wise to have a second pair of eyes. No matter how often you might read over something, you might be missing the fine details.

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Internet Marketing 2009: Universal Search Optimization Chart

We are excited to bring you our latest (number 2) in our series of internet marketing charts.  This time, we got some advice from top industry experts:

Click The Chart Below To View or Download A High Resolution PDF Below

Universal Search Optimization Chart

Why We Created The Chart

As has been said by many in the industry, universal search is changing the way that internet marketers go about their campaigns. Part of the struggle that we have internally is explaining this concept to executives. Usually, we are in about 5 - 7 meetings a week discussing strategies for companies. As the topic of universal search comes up, their eyes begin to glaze and a state of confusion ensues.

This used to happen with us when we talked about link building as well. Then we introduced our Link Building Chart and began using it. Since we put that out last March, we have heard it has helped many SEOs the same way it helped us.

So, to fix this communication hole regarding universal search, we compiled a group of the smartest people in the industry on the topic of universal search. We asked them to share their expertise and quotes, and then we put it all together in an easy to read, fun PDF - a universal search chart.

Thank You!

I want to thank all of those who contributed for their participation. It was great fun chatting with you guys via email and on the phone while we were putting it all together. Oh… and thanks for not being too picky about the “cartoon drawings.”

What are your thoughts?

Is there anything we missed? Are there any tips you’d like to add? Drop them in below.

Also, I want to make sure that my team get some props as well… Ashley Lichty wrote the content and Adam Perry designed the whole thing (including the cartoons). Thanks so much guys - you rock!

Download The High Res PDF

Feel free to download the high resolution PDF (we zipped it to save ya some bandwidth) and let us know what you think.


Dave Conklin on Webmaster Radio

Hello All! It’s been so crazy around here… we have a lot happening that we will be telling you about very soon!

webmasterradiologo.jpgIn the meantime… be sure to tune your ears into Webmaster Radio tomorrow at 1pm. I will be making a guest appearance on the SEO 101 Show with David Brown, Brian Mark, & Carolyn Shelby where we will be talking about link building for beginners.

Dave Conklin was honored to be asked to be on this program in part because of the many internet marketing experts that have appeared including Todd Malicoat (stuntdubl), Jeremy Schoemaker (shoemoney), Joel Comm, Michael Gray (graywolf) and many others.

The show will re-air in re-run and be available on demand for a few months after the live broadcast tomorrow at 1pm.

See you then!

UPDATE: Here is the link to listen to the show!


5 High Profit Reasons To Add Press Releases To Your Web Marketing Strategy

I was sitting down tonight getting ready to do some press release marketing for a customer and I realized that I had an issue. My selfish intention of the press release to was to promote the business and hopefully create some traffic to the site and therefore leads.

The problem with this approach, if you’re not familiar with press releases and their intention, is that simply “promoting” a business with ad copy disguised in a press release isn’t exactly proper etiquite. It can also get you banned from the better press sites if you’re found doing it often.

After doing some research online and reading many other’s opinions, I came to the conclusion that if you want to do a true PR campaign, then you can’t just always make stuff up… your company should truly remain news worthy. If this seems like to much of a hassle, or if you’re an affiliate marketer or something where you’re strickly generating leads, then the opening of your business may be the only news worthy thing you ever do… but I wouldn’t recommend that as a long term business strategy.

Why are press releases important?

I didn’t always believe in press releases, but have found many reasons why it is not only important, but in many cases imperative.


Googling your name in the search engines.

Google (and the other engines that wish they were google) knows that content that is on press release sites has been already seen by a human and the press release wire site. Therefore, it gives it a bit more credibility. Write a press release per week for three weeks with your name in the title of the press release and watch what happens within days when you google your name. The releases will kick many of the existing pages right out of the results.


Industry site pick ups

We wrote this press release on February 19, 2008 and because the release had two specific words in it, it ended up getting picked up by a well known mortgage industry site the next day. Because of that pick up, we received many inquiries and solidified an ongoing relationship with an exciting start up that has an ongoing need for internet marketing.


Media Attention

There will be times that you will be writing about a topic and a reporter will be researching that topic at about the same time. If that’s the case, there is a great chance that your release will get noticed. If it does, you may get a call from the reporter, or they may quote from your release directory. Either way… more traffic.



Press releases and articles are two of the only ways to get more indexed search results under when people search for you name. The engines are only going to reference so many pages from your site. But, you can build up a list of press releases and then build links to those releases. This allows you to pick and choose what you want people to see when they search your company name if done properly.


Link Building

Let ‘s not forget about one of the most important things… building links. Each press release you write will end up getting posted on multiple sites. Each one of these sites will link back to your site, if you do the resources box properly (most, anyway… some don’t allow the resources box).

So, what do you write about? Well, I’m going to get back to that next time… subscribe to my feed and you’ll be updated when I post 14 and a half Killer Press Release Ideas For Your Site!