As an avid reader, I have noticed that many who do not share my passion for books tend to demean them. As part of a One Hour Blogging Challenge, I decided to address and dispell the most common misconceptions about books.

10 Common Misconceptions About Books: A One-Hour Blog Post

Posted July 28, 2015 by Rachel Delaney

As a book lover, it’s beyond frustrating when people tell me that they don’t like to read. It’s even worse when they dare to insult one or more of my favorite books or series. Anymore, it seems as though there ... Read More
Target Audience Marketing Taylor Swift ProspectMX

Taylor Swift, 2-Year-Olds, and Target Audiences

Posted January 15, 2015 by Scott Rehnberg

Finding and Using Your Audience for Better Content SharingMy 2-year-old loves to sing and dance. She is constantly pulling on my hand to have impromptu dance parties in one form or another. And as a father, I love every minute ... Read More
Kevin Spacey & Content Marketing - SEO & Internet Marketing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Kevin Spacey and Content Marketing

Posted September 12, 2013 by Joshua Cranmer

Kevin Spacey.Enough said...? Okay. Maybe I need to go into a little more detail then. I bet, first, that you're asking yourself, "why is this guy blogging on an internet marketing company blog about Kevin Spacey?" Well, you’re right. It ... Read More
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Recapping the 2012 Lancaster SEO Panel and Live Audit: SEO, Overcoming Penguin, and More

Posted November 06, 2012 by Ash.O

SEO meetups happen all across the country, and for good reason.  Just as in every industry, internet marketing has conferences, roundtables, and meetups where professionals and consumers interested in the industry can meet, learn, discuss, and network.  Every couple of ... Read More
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Gotta Love The Craigslist

Posted October 01, 2010 by prospectmx

I have been using for many years to sell and buy many things (I never use Ebay or StubHub aymore). I have been successful in finding new employees for my companies and tenants for my rental properties. Needless to ... Read More
CEO email - Technical SEO & Internet Marketing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Attention Chief Executive Officer

Posted January 31, 2010 by prospectmx

Dear CEO:I want to thank you for the opportunity to reach out to you today, I know that you are I will try and keep this brief.Your web presence is poor, non-existent, incognito, losing you money and quite! ... Read More
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SEO Content Writing Part 2

Posted January 22, 2010 by Ashley Lichty

As promised, here's Part 2 of my SEO Content Writing series...check out part one here: SEO Content Writing Part 1.SEO Content Is Under Appreciated...Typically, most clients don't understand just how much SEO content can help their rankings. It's really all ... Read More
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Google Making Money On Image Search Ads

Posted January 28, 2009 by Dave Conklin

I know that it's been in the blogosphere often during the past few months that Google was displaying sponsored results among SELECT google image searches while users were logged into their google accounts, but now it appears to be mainstream. I ... Read More
Thinking man with Laptop - Technical SEO & Internet Marketing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Internet Marketing 2009: Universal Search Optimization Chart

Posted by Dave Conklin

// We are excited to bring you our latest (number 2) in our series of internet marketing charts.  This time, we got some advice from top industry experts: Danny Sullivan Aaron Wall Rand Fishkin Michael Gray Rae Hoffman Brian Mark Click The Chart Below To View ... Read More