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Archive for November, 2008

Dave Conklin Featured On

He's over 21... and he certainly isn't retired. But Dave Conklin, ProspectMX visionary and fearless leader, was recently interviewed by Michael Dunlop of RetireAt21 is a showcase for young entrepreneurs started ...
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Take out of Wordpress Titles

Update: So, you'll notice that the Title Tag of this page contains the term Private, but the H1 tag above doesn't. This is a result of doing what I exlpain ...
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Obama Won. What Happens To His Twitter?

We e-mail. We search. We blog, txt, & tweet. For the first time, a person running for the most powerful position on earth did, too. Now that the race to the ...
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McCain. Obama. 2008 Election Internet Marketing

Today. Is. Election Day. Because no one has told you yet... get out there and VOTE! Now that I have encouraged you to stand in line at the polls, I guess ...
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