Obama Won. What Happens To His Twitter?

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For the first time, a person running for the most powerful position on earth did, too. Now that the race to the White House is complete, what happens to Barack Obama’s immense social media presence?

Most of those who follow @barackobama know that the information provided by his Twitter account was never earth shattering. There was never a tweet about how bad he needed some Starbucks or rants about how frustrating it is that his internet connection is slow.

That said, will the new President-elect continue to use the power of social media in his new role? His Twitter account continues to grow today at about 3 followers per minute.

I’m not the only person wondering this. Here’s a random sample of tweets from Twitter Search this AM.

DavidStewart: Do you think Obama will stay on Twitter as President?
erika_strange: @czdebel I think obama will be too busy when he’s president to update his twitter account.
Thracks: @czdebel I think that it would betray Obama‘s message to let the twitter stream die.
bakapetro: Will Obama use twitter after inauguration? It would be cool, but, personally, I doubt it
topslakr: Since Obama was elected he has not posted to twitter. Does that mean he is done using it? I think a lot of people are hoping he stays active
minda31180: So now that he’s been elected president, is Barack Obama going to continue updating his twitter?

Here’s the deal. Most of his social profiles will only require a job status update and address change come January. His Twitter account really only receives one or two updates per day, telling you where he is and what’s he talking about. Does that sound like such a difficult project to maintain?

Most Twitter users already space their tweets with other daily tasks. Millions of the people who voted for him developed their trust and support because of his use of social media. Much like Thracks and topslakr above, I think something should be done to keep his use of social media presence alive. His campaign was never 100% transparent with the use of social media to begin with, although the way his campaign used the internet was extraordinary.

So… I ask…

Twitter Barack Obama

117,000+ Twitterers want to know… and will be following.

For some more reading on Obama and social media, Jon Burg posted a thought-provoking post on the same topic - “Where Vision Meets Reality.”

- By Jonathan Bentz, Link Architect

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