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Archive for September, 2009

Pulling Blogging Ideas Out Of Your…Hat

As an internet marketing firm, it's easy to stress to clients the importance of a regularly updated blog. The tough part comes in taking your own advice. It's ...
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The Toasted Triple Decker Peanut Butter, Jelly and Fruitloop Sandwich

So, today the boys had a "Jammie Day". These are days when my wife, Jodi let's the boys stay in their jammies all day while they play games and ...
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Transparency In The Business Of Internet Marketing

If you're even minimally involved in marketing, you know that advertising and mass marketing are undergoing major changes. Have been for some time. We have become so inundated with constant ...
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Managing Your Online Reputation? Facebook Wants To Help

Because the site's 122 million+ monthly visitors (according to July '09 Compete stats) needed one more reason to use the social network, Facebook can now help its users in the ...
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Social Media Marketing Not Applicable For Business?

The telephone had no practical application and would fail... Email wasn't "personal" and would never replace a letter... Now, you (business owner) don't think there's a place for social media in your ...
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