He’s over 21… and he certainly isn’t retired.

Dave Conklin ImageBut Dave Conklin, ProspectMX visionary and fearless leader, was recently interviewed by Michael Dunlop of RetireAt21.com.

RetireAt21 is a showcase for young entrepreneurs started by Michael Dunlop, an online entrepreneur himself who turns 20 on December 12. Word on whether Michael actually retires at 21 is forthcoming, but his site is a great place for young entrepreneurs to learn from others like them who have achieved success in online business.

Most of the interview focuses on Dave’s success with a real estate marketing company a 2008 INC 500 company he started with Rory Wilfong and Steve Young in 2004. For all the details about that, check out “Our Story.”

The holiday season is underway. Enjoy it. Don’t let your family drive you crazy.

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