So, I have been excited for months for the internet reality/game show Top Affiliate Challenge to come online. I love affiliate marketing and am learning all the time new ways to create income streams with it. Affiliate marketing has truly turned into a large portion of what our team does each and every day.

I watched the first episode and was totally disappointed. Everything seems so scripted from their host and it just feels completely amateur. Which… don’t get me wrong… there’s NOTHING wrong with amateur. I would be game if they were just casually filming this thing and editing it together to post… but I think what gets me is that they are TRYING SO HARD to make the show look like an “Apprentice” style thing and they are being lazy with their editing (probably because they are over committing their time frames of being online).

So far… I HAVE SEEN NOTHING of what the contestants are actually doing to win or lose money. All they do is talk about relationships they have and the whining from the contestants is ridiculous. The producers are trying to put twists into the game… but they are so non-relevant and don’t even make sense. In all honesty I am just having a hard time following it all.

I have to give props to Joel Comm, who’s show, “The Next Internet Millionaire” looked great… especially compared to this one. But I had the same complaint about that show that I do about this one. There is very little video of the contestants doing the actual tasks… it’s just a series of interviewing. At least Joel made his show one where you could actually start to root for certain contestants.

Look, when I watch a show like this I want to do it on the edge of my seat going, “No way! That’s a freaking incredible idea! There’s no way he’s going to lose this one!”

Instead… I have nothing to root for… and the only judgments I can cast about the contestants is relating to personality traits and public speaking abilities (which very few of them have).

Will I continue to watch? Yeah… I will… so they’ll still get their impressions from me (well, maybe not because they clearly didn’t look into how much bandwidth they were going to need, so the site can’t even play the videos right… so I just go right to google video). But I’d also watch a train wreck it I knew where and when it was going to happen.

Come on Thor! Give me something to root for man… I was prepared to be your biggest fan!

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  1. Anchor Wars 06. Jul, 2008 at 7:27 pm #

    I share some of your impressions of the first episode. Its a tall order to produce anything like this on a 24 hour rotation, so major props to the crew that is keeping the train on schedule.

    I just finished episode 4 and it was a marked improvement over the previous few. I will keep watching.


  2. Marvan 07. Jul, 2008 at 4:39 am #

    Hi,this is about Internet Marketing is a big industry, making money in the industry is all about learning the techniques preached by other Internet Marketers.


  3. Chad Van Norman 07. Jul, 2008 at 9:08 am #

    I disagree. Just like any other reality show, There is no content in the first episode. The first episode was a kind of a getting to know you episode. Yea they had problems at first with the streaming of the video, let’s see if your website could handle the type of traffic that the shows site has to handle. They had 115 people streaming the video in the first 10 minutes alone. I personally think that the show is getting better in quality and content.

    Oh yea, I forgot to mention…
    I am one of the contestants. My team the Pepperjam Network has been kicking butt as you will see in the upcoming episodes.

    Chad Van Norman
    Team Pepperjam Network

    P.S. Please check out the website our team build for the show.


  4. Dave Conklin 07. Jul, 2008 at 9:57 am #

    Hey Chad…

    First, I’m not expecting to have 115 people stream video from my site in 10 minutes… If I was, I would make sure that I put the proper things in place to handle it.

    My MAIN point is that I want to see the inner workings of how everyone is making money and so does my entire staff here at ProspectMX…

    But what is being shown is just a series of interviews and then a report on earnings…

    I got all excited when Shoemoney was going over things on the dry erase board… and then they completely cut away. Like I said, I will continue to watch… I just hope it gets more technical.


  5. AsHaL 07. Jul, 2008 at 11:24 am #

    I’ve only gotten to skim through episodes so far…but in just that little bit I am a tad disappointed - I definitely want to see them in action, they way they showed the Apprentice cast out hawking their wares on their street. I want to LEARN a lot from this, not just watch people who aren’t very comfortable being on camera. Ok, so the fact that they’re doing all this work on computers makes it a BIT dry, but still, give me some insider secrets here!

    I’m also disappointed that there’s not more females on there, but so be it - I know there’s not many of us out there!

    I’ll save the rest of my opinion for watching the episodes in depth - maybe there’s more “learnin’” to be had in the interviews.


  6. Mystery 08. Jul, 2008 at 5:16 am #

    Something are best left alone. Right Chad.

    Yes,I too am dissapointed with the show. Where do I begin? Editing? Opening credits? Character development? What are tasks are they doing? Looks more like an over glorified web cam.For example,the establishing opening for the show was the hostess . You would think that would be the easy part b-roll the city, the facilities then reveal the hostess in a location that is a reflection of what we are about to see. Instead we see our hostess in the parking lot of the hotel where the contestants are staying in (looks like a crack house on steroids) And boy you can can tell she had no idea what she got herself into. Show won’t be using any of this on her resume reel (If she does then she is really at the down side of her carrer). Want to be like the Apprentice? How? The first elemination was a chessy one shot with all the contestants sitting at the table with no close ups on the contestants face, no drama no debate, no music.
    But the best part is when after they eleminated a contestant one of the guys from the other team comes into the room, before handing the “immunity ring” to another contestant who he thinks might need. So much for timing? Stay tune for Top Affiliate Survivor.
    But my favorite line was when the hostess says to the first person eleminated “You must pack up your bags and leave Nebraska” Huh? She now has the power to make people leave the state.

    One more thing Chad you suck and your team is winning despite of you and not because of you.

    Stay Classy Dude.



  7. Dave Conklin 08. Jul, 2008 at 7:22 am #

    Mystery… I am disappointed in you.

    If you’re going to go on a blog and bash people at least have the kahuna’s to say who you are. I almost didn’t approve this comment because there aren’t many other things that I hate more than that.

    Don’t be such a girl!


  8. Jonathan Bentz 08. Jul, 2008 at 9:25 am #

    Yeah, as far as commenting goes, “Mystery” should have definitely “man’d” up. I was hoping to learn more secrets from the pros also… hope the show continues to find knowledge to drop.


  9. Thor Schrock 10. Jul, 2008 at 1:15 pm #

    Thanks for your post Dave. I appreciate you taking the time to watch some of the show.

    Thanks to Chad too for his comment. Chad is right about the huge amount of content in the first episode. We could have tried to squeeze in an education piece or something, but there was just no time.

    We have really started finding our voice (albeit late) in episodes 7-9. There were some dramatic adjustments made in those episodes that completely changed the mood of the show - both internally and from the viewer’s perspective.


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