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Marketing Locally Online Works Great!

Google Local LogoSo many business people, whether owners, marketers, sales people or managers that I speak with are afraid to market online because they feel that they can’t target a local audience.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! For a few years now, Google has enabled businesses with a local audience to market only in areas where they want to target. In other words, if you are a plumber and want to come up with someone types in “how to replace a toilet”, you can create an adwords campaign that targets that specific keyword exclusively in the area that you have chosen to market.

Yahoo is now offering the same type of thing as well and I believe that Google is coming along with it.

One other important thing that I noticed is this. If you use the city specific local advertising option, it will also target keywords that people type in along with the city name. So, if you would type in “Lancaster plumbers”, the ad would come up in Lancaster, even though you never put “Lancaster plumbers” in as a keyword into your adwords account. This, however, does not seem to work for other forms of local targeting such as state or regional.

Let me know if you have experienced something different than this.

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