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Diary of Getting Ranked and Converting Leads

We launched this website last week officially. So as of right now, it has no Page Rank with Google, very few links and the domain name is rather new. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even appear in yet.

I decided that I am going to do a series on the site here that will show exactly what we do to get our site ranking, traffic and leads from different sources. The things that we do to get our site ranked are going to be the same that we employ for other sites… so this will give you a great idea of how we achieve ranking, get leads from our site, and more!

Some of the posts that I will make will include videos of what we did, screenshots, and some will just have text. PLEASE comment if you agree or dissagree with what we decided to do.

*** As a note: I will NOT employ ANY BLACK HAT SEO techniques. Some keyword phrases that I want to appear under will take a while to achieve… especially since this is a new site. So be patient.

Here We Go!!!

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