View Geo Targeted PPC Ads Running In Areas Outside of Your Location

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If you have ever wanted to see what kind of competition your geo-targeted adwords campaigns have in certain market, the Google Ad Targeting Preview Tool is what you need.

I have outlined in the video how you can see where your ads are placed in certain cities around the nation as well as spy on your competition a bit.

Here’s a text recap:

  1. Go to The Google Adwords Targeting Preview Tool
  2. Enter your keyword into the box on the left
  3. Select the state or country or territory on the top right that you want to “spy” on
  4. Refine the location to as detailed as the city level

Let me know if you have questions or other applications below.

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By Jasper Burwell, Director of Client Strategies

Jasper Burwell is our data and strategy genius here at ProspectMX. He’s had years of experience from running small start-ups and working with large B2B consumer packing companies and everything in between. Jasper has a passion for data, and his experience brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our Google Analytics analysis. Jasper helps us dig deeper with our analysis to truly give detailed and holistic strategies for our clients. Jasper holds an MBA from Penn State University focusing in Business Strategy and Online Marketing.