I was very impressed this morning while reading an article by Matt McGee about a company called Pink Cake Box, who sells specialty cakes located in New Jersey.

pink-cake-box-cake.jpgThe internet marketing success story talks about how the company was able to succeed online. Because of their online success, they have received a lot of media attention and sales growth.

But the foundation all begins with a remarkable product. If you don’t have a product that sticks out from the norm, you’re not going to be successful with internet marketing… without a lot of effort. Seth Godin is the “God of Being Remarkable” in my opinion. Almost any industry can do it… it just up to you to figure out how.

They made the statement that “they have not yet explored PPC marketing and don’t plan to”. I LOVE that! My success online with our companies has always strongly focused on PPC, so any time that I hear of a business who doesn’t use it and is successful, it gets my juices flowing.

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