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Jonathan Bentz’s take on… Jonathan Bentz


I’d like to take a second and allow myself to introduce… myself? Ok, so that doesn’t sound so great. Maybe I should introduce myself in the third person…

Jonathan Bentz now works at ProspectMX. He’s a Link Architect.” No, I’m not arrogant enough to actually talk about myself in the third person for very long, so that won’t work either.

Anyway, I am who I say I am… and this past Tuesday I was welcomed by the ProspectMX team to become their Link Architect. I have returned to Lancaster, PA (where I grew up… Penn Manor in the house!) after spending the better part of six years in West Virginia and Western PA, gettin’ my learn on at West Virginia University and working in hospitality marketing at a classy resort. Ya gotta click the link above if you wanna find out more about me… who else would force that but the “Link Guy?”

I find social media absolutely fascinating, have waaay too many internet profiles, and have a passion for internet marketing. That’s right folks… I used the terms “passion” and “internet marketing” in the same sentence.

ProspectMX seems like an interesting place to work… especially since 105.7 the X came to visit during my first week. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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  1. Much love to the WV / Western PA link masters!

  2. “passion” + “Internet marketing” Brilliant! I can’t wait to get to hang out with ya Jonathan!


  3. I think you are link bait.

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