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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation was once seen as a tool solely for marketers.  As companies are beginning to take full advantage of the process, however, they are seeing benefits across the board.  In fact, automation users have a 9.3% sales quota achievement rate than non-users.  But even with this impressive statistic, some companies are still not using it. has created an infographic explaining why marketing automation is important, and how it can help both marketers and salespeople.

The Stats

A startling 68% of companies have not attempted or identified to measure their sales funnel. 65% of companies have no defined lead nurturing process or toolset.  That leads to an overwhelming 79% of leads never turning into sales.  However, when companies implement marketing automation, they see measurable results in both the marketing and sales arenas. Automation users have a 53% conversion rate for responses that turn into qualified leads, and automation users also reap that 9.3% higher sales quota achievement rate.

The Strategies

There are two very different ways to plan your day using marketing automation.  This infographic details the suggested daily strategies of both marketers and salespeople.  By changing the normal “to do list” for the day, your company can reap benefits such as better leads, increased effectiveness, streamlined activities that free-up bandwidth, and accurate reporting that gives marketers a clear view of their team’s efficiency.

This infographic is useful for both salespeople and marketers in explaining how marketing automation may be the secret to your business’s next big breakthrough!

Marketing Automation: Sales or Marketing Tool? #infographic - An Infographic from Pardot

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