Halloween is almost here! Have you decorated your porch? Do you have your bucket-load of candy ready? If not, you’d better get moving, because those trick-or-treaters are coming! As always, we hope you and yours have a happy and safe Halloween! But lets get down to business, our favorite part of the holiday….

The costumes, of course! There are tons of great ideas out there to make your costume the most creative on the block. Or if you just want scary, there’s plenty of options there, too.

Here at ProspectMX, we like creativity. We also like things like social media, technology, and pets (yes, pets). We just wish we’d thought of some of the costumes below!

Six Awesome Tech Costumes We Wish We’d Thought Of

Seriously, how did they even do that??

Guess this is one way to get more followers…

Our favorite part of this costume is the realistic finger prints and nasty smudge marks on the screen.

Makes us nostalgic for Facebook interfaces of yonder.

Instagram worthy?

Ok, this one’s just clever!


By Ashley Lichty, Director of Client Strategy

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