Getting Traffic to my Website

Understanding where your audience is coming from and how they’re engaging with your site is a crucial part of tracking different marketing channels. Is most of your traffic direct, from referring sites, organic search, or a paid search campaign? Which traffic source generates the highest engagement levels and conversion rates? Dig deep into the data to discover under-utilized traffic sources, advertising campaigns you may be wasting money on, and other valuable data that can drive marketing decisions.


Measured by the amount of users that are sent to your site from another site. We focus on creating real relationships with authoritative sites that have a genuine interest in sharing your content to get this traffic.


Any search engine traffic that isn’t paid for directly. Viewed as the most natural form of traffic because it takes time, links, and visitors to build. We increase organic traffic by optimizing for visitor driven keywords and Brand authority.


Traffic from AdWords, and other paid advertising, which allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your CPC budget. Reports include cost and revenue data so performance can be evaluated using a number of metrics i.e. “CPA” and “ROI”.
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