Analytics Tools

There’s no lack of innovative analytics tools to help drive your campaigns and uncover actionable insights to move on.

Google Webmaster Tools tracks the health of your website, and how it’s viewed in the eyes of the search engines; identifying crawl errors, malware attacks, and more. Basically, how easy is it for search engines and therefore visitors to navigate your site?

Traffic and link information in GWT gives you information on search rankings, CTRs, internal and external links, and more - all the information data geeks need to come up with the perfect plan to increase your online visibility.

Combining GWT information with the comprehensive visitor and site engagement data of Google Analytics helps us decipher a plethora of information, including:

  • How visitors find your site
  • Demographic data on your visitors
  • How they engage with your site
  • What content attracts the most visitors
  • The role Social Media plays in boosting site traffic

And of course,the rise of Social Media can’t be ignored - and while you may think your customers aren’t the type to engage with it, we’re pretty confident you’d be wrong. Tracking mentions and interaction from Social Media gives insight into conversations about your company, your target audience, and your competitors. Using tools to capture this information, we can help you tailor your social communication strategies to have the greatest impact.


The beauty of the tools at your disposal are that they can be tailored to your individual needs. Customizing dashboards and creating reports on the metrics important to you gives you the insight you want at your fingertips.

A|B Testing

Utilizing tools to develop split testing strategies takes some of the guesswork out of what design, content, or experience leads to the highest conversions rates. Testing a variety of UX elements give you a greater chance of maximizing conversions.


Data and results tracking drive marketing decisions. Providing monthly reports on important metrics and analyzing your campaigns regularly allows us to continually tweak and refresh your campaigns to achieve maximum results.
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