Analytics Goals

Setting up analytics goals allows you to track conversion points with your website. Whether you want to see how many fill out your quote form, make a purchase, visit a key page or engage with a video, tracking the touchpoints you want people to make with your site is crucial. Assigning a value to each conversion allows you to monitor the dollar value these conversions add to your bottom line

Tracking goal paths, split testing CTAs (Call To Action), and analyzing the user experience (UX) will help improve conversions rates and lead your potentials customers down the path you want them to follow, from prospect to paying customer.

Tracking Conversions

A key tool for determining how well your site or app fulfills your business objectives. Conversions are pre-determined goals visitors complete on your site. We’ll work side-by-side to set up your business goals, so no action goes unnoticed.

Conversion Steps

How easy is it for visitors to navigate to your conversion points? Does your site lay a clear path for people to navigate? Evaluating navigation to CTAs helps uncover any stumbling blocks to UX.

Engagement Events

Most customers engage with your site several times before becoming a lead or sale. Tracking events like viewing a video or downloading content helps you show which “lighter” touch points speed visitors to your end goal of becoming a customer.
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