Facebook Ads & Facebook Exchange

Perhaps no other platform brings detailed audience targeting to the table like Facebook Ads and the Facebook Exchange (FBX). Facebook PPC allows you to target your message directly to your demographics - filtering by age, location, gender, interests, activities, and more; ensuring your message gets in front of whom you want, when you want.

Bringing the power of retargeting to Facebook, the FBX platform gives you the ability to remarket to your site visitors on what is arguably the most popular and visited site on the internet.

That’s hundreds of millions of people spending a LOT of time on one site – giving you a huge opportunity to get your brand, message, or promotion right out in front of your target audience. We can create campaigns from scratch or manage and optimize existing campaigns – whatever it takes to help you leverage the power of Facebook to drive online success.

The Huge Audience

There are more than a billion users on Facebook that spend on average 15-20 minutes on the site a day. Facebook ads give a way to reach customers where they are interacting and spending a tremendous amount of time. So let us help you start connecting with your fans.

The Target Audience

Facebook ads also allow us to target your customers based on demographics and interest. People give away great data about themselves on Facebook. We use that data to create tailored ads and content making sure the right content is getting to the right people. Facebook ads can be a challenge to start but we can help!

The Analytical Tools

Since Facebook gives so much data it’s only right we have tools to make sense of it all. The analytical tools give us insight into what customers are best suited for the content your company is creating. With our help we can create ads to turn Facebook fans into brand advocates.
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