Emails Beginning With Q, Y & Z get Less Spam

I was driving into work today, listening to 96.1 (yes, I’m in my mid-20s and I LOVE oldies), and Dave & Dog had an interesting little factoid to share. Apparently, emails beginning with the letters Q, Y and Z get only about 20% spam, while those beginning with A, M, S, R and P get about 40% or more. This information comes courtesy of Dr. Richard Clayton, a computer scientist from the University of Cambridge, as reported on BBC News.

I thought that was pretty darn interesting - here I thought spammers were keeping up with the times and constantly finding new ways to spam people as much as frickin’ possible. As it turns out, they’re missing out on tons of spamming opportunity.

Sort of in line with this - I’ve noticed my gmail has been missing more spam - for months, I saw not one spam mail in my inbox - they all went right to junk. For the past month or so, I’d say I average at least 1 spam email in my inbox per week - sometimes more. Of course, lucky me, my email begins with an A.

Anyone else notice gmail seems to be slippin’ with spam control? Or is it just my spam-magnet email address?

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