Seo Explained by the Poetic Prophet…

Technical SEO & Internet Marketing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

As ProspectMX’s resident designer, knowing all of the nitty gritty details of SEO can sometimes be over my head.  So what do we have here?  Why, it’s only the Poetic Prophet (aka the SEO rapper) here to explain SEO to me in with…..rhymes and funky beats?  Ok, I admit I’m not a huge fan of rap music, but this is just awesome.

My favorite verse is..

“your photoshop functions then slice that design
do your layout with divs make sure that it’s aligned
please don’t use tables even though they work fine
when it come to indexing they give searches a hard time”

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Scott Rehnberg

By Scott Rehnberg, Relationship Marketing Manager

Scott Rehnberg is ProspectMX’s Relationship Marketing Manager and go-to guy for outreach. Scott has had years of relationship building and customer service experience with his work in various fields and industries. Scott brings fresh ideas and a keen eye when it comes to gathering the right resources, leads, and links for our clients. His driven attitude and passion for the marketing industry has already been changing and improving the way that we work, and he continues to successfully grow both our company and our client’s companies.