No internet marketing campaign can be effective without tracking analytics.


By installing analytics software on your website, you should be able to track just how effective your internet marketing efforts are.  The right analytics program can measure various important metrics such as:

  • Which keyword terms bring the most traffic to your site
  • Which pages get the most traffic
  • How your traffic increases in proportion to search engine rankings or PPC traffic
  • What site or search engine visitors may have been referred by
  • Whether the visitors fulfilled a specific goal on your site, such as filling out a form
  • How fast visitors navigate away from your site (called the bounce rate)


Tracking analytics will also let you see graphs and make comparisons to see how these different metrics increase or decrease over time.  By comparing that with your profit and loss statistics over the same period of time, you’ll be able to track just how beneficial your internet marketing has been to your business.


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