The telephone had no practical application and would fail…

Email wasn’t “personal” and would never replace a letter…

Now, you (business owner) don’t think there’s a place for social media in your business? Really? Watch this.

Props to our friend Sam for thinking of us and shooting over this video. Check out his great blog on new media marketing for tips and advice on using stuff like social media for your business. A full list of the statistics from this video can be printed from here.

One Response to “Social Media Marketing Not Applicable For Business?”

  1. Thomas Dowswwell 03. Oct, 2009 at 12:48 am #

    How about putting company logos or advertising into album art or id tags and sell the space. I get over 100000 hits a day and that would be a lot of impressions to sell. This could offset the effect of downloading , did it on and made a bit of cash but, the idea needs more artists to do it and someone to sell the space.
    If you can help with the idea email
    Thanks Thomas Dowswelll


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