There are specific things you can do to rank your site higher.

Most likely, your website is not optimized around your products and services.  The search engines aren’t all-knowing - they need help from you to tell them what to rank for.  That means that each page of your website should have code elements and content that revolves around different keywords for your products or services.  When the search engine crawls your site, that tells them exactly what terms you should rank for.

Of course, that’s just one part of it.  You also have to build links to your site using the keywords you wish to rank for as your anchor text.  The more outside sites linking to yours with the right anchor text, the higher you’ll see your rankings climb.

That’s the easy answer - of course it gets a bit more complex than that.  Don’t hesitate to fill out our form to get a free website analysis and recommendations on how your site can rank for chosen keywords.

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