"We’re Launching Matt Cutts To Space (We Need You To Name The Rocket)"

We’re Launching Matt Cutts To Space (We Need You To Name The Rocket)

UPDATE: New Promo Video For The Launch Here

Comment Below To Name The 10 Foot Matt Cutts Rocket That Sends Matt To Space In April

OK, not to space. BUT, we are indeed going to launch a rocket… and Matt Cutts… really freakin’ high.  The flight should last about 2 minutes and will be videotaped with both on board and exterior cameras.  If you’ve never see an on board rocket cam, you’re going to be in for a treat.

Matt CuttsFor those of you who don’t know (many of our readers are not actually in the internet marketing world), Matt Cutts is the spam engineer for Google. He’s kind of the “face” of Google at search conferences and the like.

We Had A Company Make A Custom Matt Cutts Action Figure

Last year, our team decided that we were going to spend a few bucks to have action figures created of different SEO’s and do some crazy videos and things with them throughout 2010.  Of course, it seemed appropriate to start with Matt being that he is the Greenspan of the search world.

Joe Latrell with the top portion of his custom made Matt Cutts rocket

Joe Latrell, a rocket scientist who works on the ProspectMX team with the top portion of his custom made rocket that is set to send Matt rocketing to space this April

Understand that when we ordered the Matt Cutts “doll,” Matt had just shaved his head and was looking extremely buff. So, you’ll notice that the action figure is that of a “ripped” Matt Cutts with a shaved head.  haha… We love you, Matt.  🙂

After debating in our meetings about what we should do with him, we finally decided the obvious:

Build a 10 foot rocket and launch it into the air, with video cams on board.

It just so happens, that Joe Latrell (who is a rocket scientist… literally) works on our team and has been lauching enormous rockets (some the whole way to space) for years. While this one isn’t going to go to space, it will go about 1 mile into the atmosphere.

Matt Cutts sitting in his ergonomic custom chair inside of his  rocket

Matt Cutts relaxing in his ergonomic chair inside of his custom made rocket

So, the launch date that we’re shooting for is some time in April. But we have a problem. We need a name.

We Need Your Help To Come Up With A Name!

Soooo… All you have to do is comment below with what you think the name should be. Then, in a later blog post, we’re going to allow you to vote for the winner from the best 5 (as decided by us). The final name selected will be placed on the rocket.

We will keep you updated with the progress of our rocket as it’s assembled with videos and pictures right here on the ProspectMX blog.

So… go ahead… What should we name the rocket?

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