15 Marketing Campaign Failures


Everyday, we’re bombarded by advertising. No matter which way you look, corporate messages implore you to purchase their way of thinking. By and large just the sheer amount of exposure works its magic upon consumers everywhere, urging them to buy more than ever before. However, occasionally an advertising campaign or marketing strategy is so poorly conceived that all its makers receive is backlash. Whether it be having advertising banned, arresting those involved or absolute rejection by the public, these flops make up an advertiser’s (and their clients’) worst nightmares. These are 15 of the biggest failures in marketing:



15 Crazy Publicity Stunts

Any economist will tell you that the world runs on hard work, natural resources and ceaseless innovation. Crafty companies and individuals have discovered that 100% of economists are boring and liars. The world in fact runs on a variety of drugs, broken dreams, and-most important of all-fame. To this end, they have gone out of their way to concoct the most harebrained stunts that rocket them to fame and success. Or infamy and sleaze, but this is pop culture so the line is a fine one.



15 of the Most Ingenious Marketing Campaigns

Over the years, savvy marketers have systematically discovered and created not only the greatest products to sell, but precisely how to package and push them upon the world.  No matter the negatives, or how unnecessary a certain product or service is, corporations have found a way to portray themselves and their products as indispensable.  To reject those products and services is to reject happiness, or so the consumer should believe.  Over the years there have been some extreme standouts in this advertising game, most notably the following fifteen:

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