Marketing Boring Products? Give’em Sexy Content!

Who says “boring” industries can’t have sexy content created for them?

Often times, if you can figure out a way to tie current events back to your “boring” product, or re-interpret recently published statistics about your “boring” industry, you can put your brand right in the middle of all conversation about your line of work.

To put your brand in the middle of all online conversations about your “boring” industry - you need to have something tangible worth talking about. Your community needs something to jump start their talk, or a piece of content they “click” with that shares their stance.

Give your community something to talk about - give them some sexy content.

“Boring” Product, Sexy Content: Infographic From KUKA

In the infographic I’m sharing below from KUKA Robotics, a global corporation that manufactures industrial robots, the myth of industrial automation taking jobs away from the US is reviewed - and pretty much debunked.

If anything, according to the sources cited in the graphic, industrial automation is actually an aid to bringing jobs BACK to the good old USA.

Robots And Automation Bring Jobs Back To The U.S.

With election season in full swing and jobs near the forefront of the issues, this infographic does a great job of outlining how the automation of manufacturing in America is not the culprit for job losses in mfg. If you are involved in the world of manufacturing - you likely feel something about the subject of automation. KUKA has reviewed all the statistics on the issue, drawn some interesting conclusions, and is sharing them with the world wide web for you - others, to talk about.

This infographic is not the first ever developed around current events, and it certainly won’t be the last. It is a great example, however, of what an attractive piece of - *cough* online content - can do for your “boring” industry.

How can your business leverage the 24/7 news cycle or the biggest issues facing your potential customers and put yourself in the middle of those conversations? Please share in the comments.